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Sweden - Gothic Metal

-Jhva Elohim Meth (The Revival) (EP-1993)
-Dance Of December Souls (1993)
-For Funerals To Come (EP-1995)
-Scarlet Heavens (Split LP-1996)
-Brave Murder Day (1996)
-Sounds Of Decay (EP-1997)
-Discouraged Ones (1998)
-Saw You Drown (EP-1997)
-Tonight's Decision (1999)
-Teargas (EP-2001)
-Last Fair Deal Gone Down (2001)
-Tonight's Music (EP-2001)
-Viva Emptiness (2003)
-Brave Yester Days (Compilation-2004)
-The Black Sessions (CD/DVD Compilation-2005)
-My Twin (EP-2006)
-The Great Cold Distance (CD/DVD-2006/2007)
-Deliberation (EP-2006)
-July (EP-2006)
-Live Constrenation (CD/DVD Live-2007)
-Night Is The New Day (2009)
-The Longest Year (EP-2010)
-Building (EP-2012)
-Dead End Kings (August 27, 2012)

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